A Staff List is available here, listing all staff who worked at SRI in the period immediately before closure, with links to further information where known.

Former SRI staff members who have an individual page on this website have an individual enquiry form at the bottom of their page, and can be contacted using that form.

Many former SRI staff can be contacted directly by email using the format:

Email address prototype

If you are unable to contact the person of interest in this way, or if you are unsure who to contact, please fill in and send the enquiry form below, outlining your interest, and we will endeavour to suggest someone who might have appropriate skills.

If you wish to contact the remains of the original legal body known as 'Silsoe Research Institute' then you should consult the web site of the BBSRC.

If you're having difficulty contacting the person of interest, or if you're uncertain who to contact, please contact us using the form below:

Your Name:

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Your Enquiry:

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